Teddy Thunder’s Bingo Buzz

It’s Bingo Time! Welcome to Teddy Thunder’s Bingo Buzz….

RTP 88,56%

Players draw 45 from 75 numbers for 1-6 bingo cards each with 25 fields.
5 matching numbers gives a BINGO with different win amounts based on the bet. BINGOs are based on completing multiple winlines from the ten patterns in the paytable.
The Buzz -Feature bar fills up with specific numbers that are drawn on the cards.
As the bar fills the Buzz-Feature triggers and gives a x3 multiplier on the overall win amount – which leaves Teddy shocked but happy.

Can I choose my stakes?

The amount of the bet influences your potential win: the more you bet, the more you can win.
You can choose between eight different bet amounts (€0.20, €0.40, €0.60, €0.80, €1.00).